Distinctiveness in teaching English locally and regionally.


Provide training courses in English using global cutting edge curricula taught by long experienced and competent teachers who use the up-to-date educational methodologies & matched with international quality standards.


• Provide the labor market with highly qualified outcomes in the English language area. • Develop learners’ language skills that      meet with the demands of scientific research.

• Train students to compete in the labor market.

• Contribute to providing trained cadre to the community and the labor market.

• Expand partnership with other educational institutions locally and regionally.


• Features Multimedia Lab and Wi-Fi.

• British Council affiliated Learning Zone.

• Highly qualified EFL instructors.

• A supportive learning environment.

• VIP classes.

• Single sex classes.

• Girls branch with a nursery.

• Transportation for female students.

• English for Specific Purposes (ESP).

• UST accredited certificates.

Our Values:

• Honesty.

• Integrity.

• Quality.

• Educational mission.

Our Services:

• Teaching the language.

• Training.

• Translating.

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