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About TDC

Talent Development Center(TDC) at the University of Science and Technology(UST), Yemen plays an effective role in the care of talented and outstanding people in the Republic of Yemen. TDC aims to be a house of expertise in the field of talent development through taking care and developing the capacities of the talented, preparing and implementing distinct educational programs, in addition to the study of talent and scientific excellence through publishing several research studies and scientific relevant journals, raising the awareness among parents, teachers, and the community in general about the importance of taking care such innovative and talented group of people. TDC also provides consulting services to the relevant individuals and  organizations interested in the talent development.    


  • Innovation Award and Scientific Excellence:

TDC organizes annually innovation award and scientific excellence for the innovators of school students through presenting their innovations to a competent jury to honor the winners of the first three places.

  • Scientific Symposium for Talent Development:

TDC organizes a scientific annual symposium for taking care of the talented in the Republic of Yemen. This annual symposium discusses and the issues and topics that contribute to the talent development and present new ideas and visions to face challenges that hinder the talent development in Yemen.

  • Talent Development Program in the schools.

TDC implements talent development programs for several school grades, commencing with the detection of the talented students and determining their needs and preferences through taking care and developing their talents.  The program includes the rehabilitation of the educational cadre such as teachers and supervisors and train them to develop fruitful and rich activities and enable them to identify the characteristics of the talented by supporting and instructing  them. The program also does not ignore the role of the family and guardian in the care and development of talents.

  • Quality of School Education:

TDC helps educational institutions raise the  performance level and make continuous improvement in their performance to achieve their visions and strategic objectives through evaluating the performance of the school in accordance with the practical steps and standards of quality and accreditation. TDC conducts information and data collection on the school performance in its current situation and compares it with the quality standards.  

  • Evaluation of Career Level in the Institutions and Companies:

TDC provides within its activities the services to the institutions and companies and helps them in selecting new personnel, transferring personnel and forming work teams. The criteria and tests used by TDC are one of the criteria used in the promotion and evaluation of personnel.  

  • Arab Journal for Talent Development:

TDC publishes the Arab journal for talent development which represents a pathway for developing the environment of talent and scientific excellence through presenting new visions and ideas at the regional and international level. The Arab journal for talent development is deemed the first Arab journal that deals with the scientific researches relating to thinking, talent and innovation.

  • Prioritizing the Scientific Research Areas for Talents and Excellence:

TDC implements workshops to prioritize the scientific research areas for talents and excellence carried out by researchers and specialists in the relevant field. It then suggests the areas of scientific research for talents and excellence and distributes them to the relevant Yemeni universities and colleges to benefit the postgraduate students.

  • Database Development for Talents and Excellence:

TDC strives to collect the scientific research and studies related to the care of the talented and develop a database for that, making it a rich source or reference for the researchers and specialists interested in this field.

  • Participation in Seminars and Conferences:  

TDC participates annually in seminars and conferences related to the care and development of the talented. Through such participations, TDC strives to enrich the Arab region and the world with researches and studies in the field of talents and excellence and furnish the relevant organizations and bodies with the important information about the environment of talents and excellence and the ways of their development in Yemen.

  • Providing Sources and References for the Researchers in Talents and Thinking

TDC provides a specialized library in the field of talent and thinking and gives the opportunity for all relevant researchers to benefit from this library for free.

  • Providing Research and Consulting Services for Researchers and Inventors:

 TDC provides its research and consulting services related to talents and excellence for the researchers and facilitate their research procedures. It also provides consultations for the inventors and innovators and possible potentials for their innovations.  

Contact Information:

Sana'a, 60th Street, USTY main campus, Medical Faculty Building, Fourth Floor Tel: +967 01 373237 (2127)

 P.O.B: 13064, Sanaa, Yemen. http://www.ust.edu/ustj/tdc ; Email: tdc@ust.edu 



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