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Renewable Energy and Electronic Design Center(REEDC)



Renewable Energy and Electronic Design Center(REEDC) is he first center associated with the renewable and solar energy in Yemen. It was founded in 1996 as the first center in the solar energy field in Yemen. it was established by highly qualified experts and professionals. Very much later.  Training center and electronic design was founded o train engineering professionals in the field of electronic design fields and other technical engineering fields. In 2012, the two centers were merged to be one center under the name " Renewable Energy and Electronic Design Center" to achieve integration between the two centers.

REEDC operates on providing community service a the local and regional level through developing and applying renewable energy technology and electronic designs and conduct and support the applied researches, train and qualify competent professionals in this field.

The center also operates on the design, implementation and maintenance of power generation systems from renewable energy sources, in addition to the design and implementation of applied electronic and laboratory systems.




To enhance and disseminate the knowledge by providing training  and innovation in the fields of renewable energy and electronic designs, develop graduate researches and create industrial platform at the local and regional level.


REEDC strives to produce and provide electric power from clear and renewable sources instead of the traditional energy which cost a lot of money and pollute environment through training  and producing qualified staff o design, install and maintain these systems for renewable energy. REEDC also seeks to design and maintain different electronic circuits and furnish various electronic laboratories and  train and qualify professionals in the field of electronic design and maintenance.


  • Raise scientific and practical awareness of the importance of renewable energy as an alternative energy source in the Republic of Yemen.
  • Conduct research and encourage researchers in renewable energy science and its applications and electronic designs.
  • Design and implement integrated renewable energy systems.
  • Design various electronic circuits and processing of electronic circuits and devices and then manufacturing, according to available resources.
  • Participate in specialized seminars and conferences in the field of renewable energy and electronic designs.
  • Create infrastructure to transfer and develop renewable energy technology industry and electronic design in Yemen.
  • Train professionals in the field of renewable energy and electronic design.
  • Support and encourage the implementation of projects and distinct inventions.
  • Raise graduation projects and make them responsive to the needs of the market.

REEDC Services:

  • Provide scientific and academic researches for scholars in the field of undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Provide studies and consultations in the field of renewable energy and electronic designs for the individuals and organizations.
  • Design and apply renewable energy systems, communication systems to support and nourish the various loads of commercial and domestic sectors and implement water pumping systems.
  • Organize training courses, seminars and workshops.
  • Organize advanced specialized engineering courses in the field of renewable energy and electronic designs and various engineering and technical fields.
  • Maintain and design different applied and laboratory electronic systems and circuits.
  • Participate in local, regional and international exhibitions and conferences.
  •  Disseminate scientific researches in several areas and scientific conferences.

REEDC Activities:

  • Research activities.
  • Training activities.
  • Educational activities.
  • Scientific seminars, symposia and workshops.
  •  Design and installation of renewable energy systems.
  • Consolations for individuals and organizations.

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Sana'a, 60th Street, USTY Faculty of Engineering Building

Tel: 967 01 373237 (5213) ; Email:


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