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About GIS Center:

Geographic Information Systems Center (GIS) for Training and Research at the University of Science and Technology, Yemen was founded as the innovative center in Yemen and the region associated with GIS and academic and community services in this vital area in the management and decision-making, planning and all other aspects of life.


To be an innovative academic specialized center dedicated to providing training and consulting services in the field of Geographic Information Systems in Yemen and Arab region as well as east Africa. It strives to provide various services to individuals and organizations and private sectors through professional trainers and courses, programs, symposiums tailored to the customers and certified certificates.


GIS strives to develop and apply Geographic Information Systems in the community to achieve the Yemeni community development through providing advanced applications in GIS in addition to training and consulting services and technical support in Yemen, Arab world and east Africa.


1.Provide training courses and workshops in the field of Geographic Information Systems for universities, public and private sectors, international organizations and students.

2.Conduct researches and studies in the field of Geographic Information Systems.

3.Provide excellent GIS education through teaching higher diploma and master in collaboration with the international universities and organizations.

4.Provide technical and consulting services and conduct studies for public and private sectors.

5.Develop systems of decision support and admin planning in the community and public and private sectors through GIS training and consulting services.

GIS Services and Activities:

1.Consultations and technical support:

  • provide consulting services and technical support outside the university for public and private sectors and organizations
  • 2.Training:
  • GIS provides training courses in all GIS areas through ESRI and professional and certified trainers in the labs and training centers of the university where the best equipment and devices are provided


GIS Training courses

ESRI Training courses


Introduction to ArcGIS I & 2


Building Geodatabase I & 2


Working with ArcGIS Spatial  Analyst


Working with ArcGIS 3D  Analyst


Introduction to Arc Objects using VBA


Introduction to ArcGIS Server


Advanced Analysis with ArcGIS


Geodatabase Design Concepts


Cartography with ArcGIS


Introduction to ArcIMS


ArcIMS Administration


Introduction to ArcSDE


Introduction to the Multiuser Geodatabase


ArcSDE Administration for Oracle


ArcSDE Administration for SQL Server


Developing Stand Alone GIS Applications


ArcPad Mobile GIS


Research and studies:

GIS center conducts researches and studies in this field and implement projects that enhance the development and planning as well as decision making in Yemen and the region in addition to supervision of postgraduate dissertations.


GIS implements projects for the public and private sectors and international organizations operating in Yemen.

Database and Digital Maps:

GIS also provides the needs of projects and studies with the necessary data and digital maps for the information systems such as satellite images, maps and digital data and maps.

Seminars, workshops and Conferences:.

- Organize seminars, workshops and regional and international conferences associated with the geographic information applications and systems through experts and consultants in this field.

-  Provide higher Diploma and Master of Geographic Information Systems in partnership with international universities.

- Provide internationally recognized certificates in this area from international universities (Europe and America).

Contact US:


Sana'a, 60th Street, USTY Faculty Engineering Building

Tel: 967 01 387646 (5121);; Email:

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About UST

The mission of the university is to provide distinct education services and enhance the knowledge and skills of the students, contribute to community development by providing training, advisory, and research services, and lifelong learning programs through competent administrative and academic staff.

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  • Main campus of the University- Aden, Al-Shaab street - East of Inma City for the tenth stage. Yemen

  • Bo Box: (15201 - 13064)

  • Aden- Yemen



  • 00967 (2) 398 448

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  • Saturday to Wednesday from 8 am - 3 pm

  • Thursday from 8 am to 1 pm

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