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Biomedical Equipment Calibration and Consultation  Center(BECCC)


About Us:

BECCC at the University of Science and Technology is the only center in Yemen associated with the Calibration of medical equipment in the hospitals and health sectors to ensure efficiency and high accuracy in addition to increase the life span of the medical devices


What is Calibration?

Medical device Calibration is a process of a regular  maintenance  for the devices ensure that the device is operating properly and efficiently and will not cause any damage to the health and life of the patients according to the international medical calibration standards.


What is the benefit from calibration process?

Initially, keep in mind that the device you have bought has cost you a lot of money and the doctor is largely depending on the diagnosis and treatment of the patient, so it requires regular maintenance, especially medical devices operating in the surgery rooms and intensive care and emergency.

Calibration for your medical device will ensure the following:

  • Device performance with high efficiency and accuracy.
  • Increase the life of the device, which saves money to the hospital.
  • Decrease the crashes and damages and stops of the devices and saves time of the hospitals
  • Provide medical staff with satisfaction and comfort due to the efficient performance and lack of malfunctions.
  • Avoid the common errors which in most cases cause death of the patients and hold the hospital the compensation of such errors.
  • Increase the reputation of the hospital and attract a lot of contractual companies with the hospital.
  • Calibration of medical devices is the first step to obtain the ISO certification (JCI).

When do I need calibration for my medical devices?

Medical devices need to calibrate based on the working or operational hours of the device and recommendation of the manufacturer, however, some devices need to calibrate once or twice a year.


Is calibration cost high?

All of these features and the contribution of the center to provide service to the Yemeni society are non- profitable, the calibration cost does not reach in most cases 1% of the price of the device to be calibrated. The discounts to many devices to be calibrated may be available.

BECCC staff is trained and experienced in all international calibration standards such as:

IEC606.1, EN60601.1, EN60601.2.4, EN61010, VDE0751, MDADB9801, HE 95, ANSI/AAMI

Is BECCC certified?

All BECCC devices are certified and holds test certificates and recognized by US Equipmen Fluke Global Company. Also all devices hold CE certificate

What BECCC award after calibration process?.

BECCC awards a certificate to the hospital that the device has been calibrated based on the international specifications and determine the date and time of next calibration. BECCC also reports the results to the hospital and provides it with the measurements taken at different conditions for the examination.

What are the devices that can be calibrated by the BECCC?

BECCC calibrates all the medical devices (see the following list of devices) in surgery rooms and intensive care and emergency due to its importance and seriousness to the patient's life.

  • International Safety Analyzer
  • Defibrillator/Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer
  • Electrosurgical Analyzer
  • Universal Pressure Meter
  • Infusion Device Analyzer
  • Temperature Humidity Meter
  • Patient Simulator
  • Parameter Tester
  • Incubator Analyzer
  • Gas Flow Analyzer
  • Pulse Oximeter Simulator
  • Phototherapy Radiometer
  • External Pacemaker Analyzer

Additional services:

  • Training for and maintenance engineers in specialized hospitals
  • Consulting services for hospitals and organizations on medical devices and equipment.

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